Whospunit Slots

If you consider yourself an avid online casino gamer, then when it comes to slots, you've certainly heard of Betsoft Gaming. Makers of the insanely popular The Slotfather, which all but revolutionized the video slot as a result of its premier graphics, extensive playability and winning ways, Betsoft Gaming is back with Whospunit Slots. Whospunit Slots has some storytelling elements in it that are similar to a murder mystery, keeping you on the edge of your seat while the reels roll and paylines deliver. The characters are varied, and the killer can be any one of them. It'll take all 5 reels and 30 paylines to decipher the clues, all while you run into complex bonus rounds and other potentially lucrative situations.

As for the symbols in Whospunit Slots, they are represented by a who's-who of potential suspects. All the people in the mansion are represented on the reels, and there's a timer steadily counting down the time you have to solve the mystery. There's no question that Whodunit Slots requires quite the motivated player, so if you like a good yarn, this is definitely one to try out. The timer hits zero, and you're thrust into the Detective Mode Bonus Game - or did you think the game was over? Keep playing and land those winning combinations that can change everything! In the Detective Mode Bonus Round, the task of discerning the weapon falls in your lap. From there, using clues, victimology and location, you need to find whodunit and bring them to justice - cash and prizes are your reward. All the while, you have a chance to strike it rich with winning combinations of the board symbols, inching your way slowly towards uncovering the mystery and landing the jackpot. Whospunit Slots is one of the more intricate and detailed slots you'll find out there; but since it's from Betsoft Gaming, you're sure to get your money's worth and more.